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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Common Terminal Sence (searching for Solice) maybe, maybe not!

Geek.com Geek News - Wireless LAN access from your cellphone?: "too much power consumption would lead to poor battery life unless they decide to integrate polymer cells. Will 3G proliferate.....probably not. - by jbjur"

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QVCUK.com Shopping (loads same day)

ARCHOS - Cinema to go/if you take-away
The Archos AV380 has recently been awarded a place in the Guinness Book of Records as 'World's Highest Capacity Multimedia Jukebox' - it's an MP4 video player/recorder, MP3 music player/recorder and a high-capacity data storage device in one!

It can act as a personal video recorder that will store up to 160 hours of video or up to 120 DVDs. You can also use it to store your music files - up to 2,000 CDs in total - and save a library of up to a million images. It can even be used as a personal digital voice recorder!

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Saturday, October 04, 2003

Web Hosting - Domain Registration - E-mail Services
result: trojan directs me here
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Watched the end so have to try to view tonight.......
BBC - BBC ONE - Listings: "Quentin Tarantino "
dam and blast-missed it!

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Friday, October 03, 2003

Not WiFi but bluetooth
Gizmodo : The new way to (accidentally) spy on your neighbors
no body ever thought that there remote could do this?
posted by Peter Harris  # 10:56 pm
Excuss my disgrace but when you don't watch beauty 24/7
and? you watch tv! and a star visitis London
and it's a leading lady - her name is you guessed it I am off my bearings
posted by Peter Harris  # 8:54 am
Uma Thurman is in London Promoting her fuzzy edge work, she's going to be on the box tonight squareing up to Johanny
BBC - BBC ONE - Listings
and having fun as she has not been hear probably!
big deal, but she does look good I think!

posted by Peter Harris  # 8:01 am
trying out a photo site that has to be registered... for
PhotographyBLOG -:- Member Registration

posted by Peter Harris  # 1:19 am
House Call is a free scan ware on-line
Trend Micro - Free online virus Scan - Scan Now
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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Le Casino de Monte-Carlo site officiel
do we get this? or what?
posted by Peter Harris  # 9:58 pm
Have not the time to put into words what came out of my head one day some years ago (way-back in the sixties)
Reviews and Ratings for Oh Yeah -- Charles Mingus -- Rate Your Music
But I used to cook some pros and some was not that good...
posted by Peter Harris  # 11:35 am
Joy Larkin's got the knife in there somewhere?
Confessions of a G33k: Lick Me, I'm a Macintosh
She needs to lick this flavour but there are concerns....

posted by Peter Harris  # 7:48 am
Explorer does this better, Well, Bill Gates probably thinks so?
Internet Anagram Server: Anagrams for detecting proxy settings
When my Broadband line comes and I open my browser - it will hang, there
so I re-boot :-)

I like pictures cause I hange them everywhere so I can show them off
and when I get really good ones well what do I say it's doing the save as title
and then catalogueing.........

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Gone into liquid-ation
Appledore Shipbuilders Ltd, UK - Shipbuilders, Boatbuilders, Ship Repair, Steel Fabrication, Pre-Processed Steel.
according to fleet street
The Oldest Company Class...

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posted by Peter Harris  # 11:55 am
Had this thought yesterday (stupid) use abbey to create font
FAQs about ABBYY FineReader OCR Sprint

posted by Peter Harris  # 8:49 am
Offbeat trance thing...
Du Jour, a little Frenchified blogging: " I just had a disconcerting thought: The Churchillian rehetoric, or something like it, is probably being used by the Iraqis as we speak. Another disconcerting thought: The most outrageous acts of terrorism in the US have been the acts of a couple of disgruntled Americans (both veterans, as I recall) using fertilizer, and the acts of a bunch of Saudis (and some other Arabs, no Iraqis as I recall) carrying boxcutters. Yet Bush and his cohorts have managed to convince about half the population that Saddam Hussein orchestrated 9/11. "
posted by Peter Harris  # 8:41 am
Once Upon a Time in the World, I had this idea and I once saw a slide show at an exhibition using eight slide projectors
..the virtual movie using stills!
Gizmodo : Kodak to stop making slide projectors

Well everything has a sell by date like cars with wind-down windows........
It would not seem that there is any basic scanners yet?
that project strip film
who's passionate about it, then?
familywave - Project this: The family slide show reinvented


posted by Peter Harris  # 7:57 am
new Breakthrough

MobileMag : IBM's new chip to quadruple performance of advanced wireless devices - Technology - Mobilemag.com

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