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Saturday, December 13, 2003


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Following Julie's purchase of her tablet PC "this is what can happen these days"..

You have received this notice because you are a registered user on the TabletPCDeveloper.com Web site. Part of the process of moving content to the GotDotNet site includes moving the TabletPCDeveloper user registration and related Samples. Unless you instruct us otherwise, on "moving day" (December 17), we will move your TabletPCDeveloper User Samples to their new home on GotDotNet. We will also automatically create a user account for you on GotDotNet (unless it appears that you already have one).


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Friday, December 12, 2003


Since some industries have opted-out of forgien aid to telecoms I don't see this from Google as very lukretive

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003


..interesting sort of comp pity no brighter spot


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360 degree viewing ...
from the writers Gizmodo

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Went to bed fairly early one o'clock but because I did some kool stuff could not sleep...
so I got up put the tv on and Wendy Ebworth was on See Hear on the BBC talking about her job of signing for the deaf...
About the fact that at The Opera they had had some complanits about the service...
(In fact, the best performance apart from Murray's came from Wendy Ebworth,
the sign interpreter, who communicated the feelings of the characters
rather more effectively than most of the singers did. She is amazing,
getting over not just (presumably) the words in sign, but also the
emotional content and even, wonderfully, the shape and rhythm of the music)
First saw her doing signing on GMTV..
..not shaw if I should say but she is quite an attractive women, so to hear this is rather - amuseing, in a sort of strange - way...

post script
Just woke from a very strange sleep-pattern and litarally? dreamed this..
seemed like a TV ad for the latest vehicle/coupe question! is it possible to do an image link to an auto image but make the pix jump as if it were "back-firing" and change the images to a fifty-year-old (model T)
sarchi | Email | Homepage | 12.10.03 - 12:16 am | #
Sarchi, the car idea sounds like an interesting one to try. Might take some work.

A theme on dreams...
thru Mandarin Design Comments Board

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Monday, December 08, 2003

photosig Europe ~ One Summer Day..

171900bytes ...

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Sunday, December 07, 2003


Description: Presario Lion Batt 1200 1600 1800 Series NB
Manufacturer: Compaq
Lowest Price: $79.99
User Rating:
Not Rated
Detailed Specifications
Battery Technology: Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage: 14.4 V
Number Of Batteries Included: 1
Parent Product Type: Laptop
Power Rating Watts: 2700 mAh
URL: Manufacturer Link
High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery - 1200/1600/1800 Additional batteries are a wise choice for any Presario notebook user who insists on consistent, reliable power. And these state-of-the-art batteries are designed with the latest high-capacity technology for longer operation. The High-Capacity Lithium Ion battery has the greatest battery capacity and the lightest weight.
I wished somebody would introduce a competion with these as prizes
Still no standard really for state-of-the art from geek.com Just look at all the differing types there are...

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