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Saturday, January 31, 2004

My Dad now in his nineties got macular degeneration has has the problem of near-focus but I just found this about Brian's Personal Encounter in 1995 just before that Christmas when you all you know get ready to celebrate ~ thanksgiving..
Tracey told me she was watching Richard & Judy and some guests mentioned a remady called "Deep Blue"...
as an eye drop..

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When did you start Drawing or Word Associations Recent record release was seen to be the last resort in marketing hype from "Somebody To Love" but how does this style bare resembliance to ..

and The Joy of.. letting Women Down is half a question and then only half the answer and I'm avoiding the enevitable? but there are those: then it'll be raw meat for all those innner critics out there, just chomping to trash your drawings. Or you might just say, "Hold on, this guy sucks! What the hell am I listening to him for?" (Right answer, by the way).
and link#2

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Friday, January 30, 2004

How not to Park?

Came over this while having to walk to shops...

OR kwikfix tyre change..

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Cracking The Code

Ink Blogging with WebCamNotes - oh *that's* how he does it
I was just chatting with Peter Rysavy (TabulaPC and SPOTman) who wanted to know why I had an “out to lunch“ hung on my i.m. status (I was bored with “busy“) and then he was trying to convince me that I just had to have a SPOT watch. I think I replied with something like “see spot run, see julie run from spot”. Just in a silly mood, nothing personal Scott! heehee

So then we got to talking about ink logging again and he had me look at Loren Heiny's totally groovy WebCamNotes application - well the output from the app. I had looked before and thought “cool” but that was just a quick look. This time, I did a closer look ala “view source” and damn, he's doing image mapping to make hyperlinks. Totally AWESOME solution. I didn't think of it. It still doesn't bring both things together that I dream of - recognized ink (i.e. legible) combined with inky ink and then links too. So if you did a view source on one of the BLInk! posts you will just see html that is text then a gif then some more text. Boring, but legible. I like the image mapping. Neat neat neat. Good thinking Loren!!!

Also he just posted some thoughts about what we are all trying to solve while working on our various blog in ink projects. It's really quite similar to the thoughts I had while I was trying to think what would make a userful ink blogging tool and then going through the pros and cons of each idea I came up with. But heck, I still never thought of that image mapping!


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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Kranky Screen Shots link via bowinbowin

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Victor Scott Regnum posted a review of Star Trek Enterprise Twilight here which will show about the end of February here on Sky One
Where Archer suffers from a 'space rift' and ages ten years but is incapable of containing short term memories.. sort of thing
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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Nikon D70 not out yet!

via phtoblog

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Gadgets that try to do two things usually end up doing both poorly, but the SCD5000 from Samsung, a new two-in-one gadget that combines a MiniDV camcorder with a four megapixel digital camera, looks like it actually might do both well. At four megapixels, the resolution of the still images is high enough to make it a credible replacement for a regular digital camera, and since it uses Memory Stick for file storage, it's easy to get the pictures off of the camera.
from gizmodo

Samsung Have introduced The First Camcorder with a Hardrive 1gigerbyte plus but it don't have this..
let alone WiFi built in... but that requires an open source

The SCD5000 was shown on qvcuk this weekend..
Item Number 420060
QVC Price £947.75

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