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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Remember etch-a-sketch....
draw a pretty picture...

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Musical Elements not as you know it but in a delightful sort of way with animation...
via Julie Lehman

by K C Lemson a programmer..

plus some interesting lessons on a photographic basis, from the studio lighting grouping..
just here

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Friday, January 09, 2004

INSPIRE the way were..............................
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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Killer Refresh Rate
"The beauty of The DaVinci Code was how well Dan Brown authored it. There was a significant amount of fact in it, and I consistently found myself looking at the pictures described in the book, thinking to myself... Wow...

Do a google search on some of the artwork mentioned in the book and see for yourself...

It was so cleverly authored that you could not determine where the fact stopped and the fiction started.

Some things that I got from the beginning of the book... Opus Dei and the Priory of Sion *are* real."

This publication is supposed to be one of the top geek read-overs
The Da Vinci Code
by Dan Brown (Author)
and was motioned in the genre title Hackers (1995)

A young boy is arrested by the Secret Service for writing a virus, and banned from using a computer until his 18th birthday. Years later, he and his new-found friends discover a plot to unleash a dangerous computer virus, but must use their computer skills to find the evidence while being pursued by the Secret Service and the evil computer genius behind the virus.

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WiFi The Last Generation California Suite local hazards incorporated...
All about nocat I like this local hotel image scrolling via Reflective Reality he who read some of Joy's sums..
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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Macromedia Intros Director MX 2004
Update gets cross-platform projector creation, JavaScript support

by David Nagel

Director MX 2004 is an interactive authoring environment for producing multimedia presentations for the Web, CD, DVD and kiosks. The latest release brings a major change to scripting functionality, adding support for JavaScript in addition to Lingo--including the ability to mix and match the two.


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When I had my Nokia 7110 stolen in Aug:2002 Orange could have had some sort of way of locating-it..
But all they could do was cancel the account, only after I had payed three months charges..
Gary says this:
"Ever lost your mobile phone and tried to find it by calling it and listening for the ringing to help you locate it only to remember that you switched it to discreet ring / silent mode prior to misplacing it?

Mobile phone manufacturers should add a feature which would enable hapless owners (like me) to remotely switch on the silent phone's ringer to maximum volume by calling the number with an additional suffix code tacked on the end or, probably better than that method, by sending (or asking your network to send) your phone an SMS message like "RINGER MAX" which adjusts your phones ring volume to maximum to help you locate it. And, better still, it would be handy if this feature also selects a particularly shrill and easily identifiable preset ringtone - newer polyphonic ringtones, whilst impressive to show off, can often sound quiet on certain models of phone compared with the old annoying bleepy ringtones.

That kind of feature would be useful".

I don't know if it would work

Monday, January 05, 2004

Linex ver strange affairs that start somewhere that do not have any substance in the liturate sence well, nothing really.....

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Sunday, January 04, 2004



Carrie-Anne Moss
Carrie Spencer on MODELS INC.
Carrie-Anne Moss moved to Europe at age 20 to pursue a career in modeling. While working in Spain, she landed a regular role in the television series "Dark Justice," which was produced in Barcelona for the first season. Ms. Moss moved to Los Angeles the following year when the series switched shooting locations.
In addition to appearing in numerous commercials, her television credits include the series "Matrix" and a guest starring role in "L.A. Law."
Most recently, Ms. Moss appeared in the feature film "The Soft Kill" and in the play "Outward Bound" at the Hudson Theater in Los Angeles.
The youngest of two children, Ms. Moss grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Born August 21, she is single and currently resides in Los Angeles

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