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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Microsoft introduces XNA demo video
Following on from the announcement of its new XNA development platform at GDC today, Microsoft has released a number of videos showcasing the potential of the system and hinting at the power of forthcoming game hardware.

Created by external developers Pseudo Interactive (Cel Damage) and High Voltage (Hunter: The Reckoning) as well as teams at Microsoft itself, the videos show off a variety of advanced graphics and dynamics features.

Although the videos - which are freely available for download from [Microsoft's XNA website] - are certainly meant to showcase the potential of next generation hardware, these are not the rumoured Xbox 2 tech demos - and in fact were allegedly running on a Windows XP PC with a sample of a next generation graphics card. Impressive as they are, the technology in these demos is quite a long way behind what we'd expect to see from next generation consoles.

from gamesindustry.com by Rob Fahey

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Simon Perry noted that there are going to be a new domain classification...There has not been a new Top Level Domains (TLD) since .name came out a couple of years ago. Even that ended up as a bit of a damp squib. But now a collection of nine corporations, have applied to ICANN (Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers) to form a new domain. Their proposal, .mobile is to be used for mobile applications/devices and will be filed by 15 March 2004.

Simon Perry and Top Level Domain web sites

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RSS feeds

NEW YORK—InfoSpace Inc. is adding the ability to read XML syndication feeds into the next release of its search toolbar planned for April, joining the growing ranks of search companies supporting the technology.

InfoSpace officials this week demonstrated the new features of the toolbar that support the XML feeds, both in Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and Atom formats, during an interview at Jupitermedia's Search Engine Strategies 2004 conference here. InfoSpace's toolbar will let users add the XML feeds to the toolbar's ticker, alongside scrolling news headlines and top search terms, said Leslie Grandy, InfoSpace vice president of product management.

By Matt Hicks at Eweek from onlineblog
The outline

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I can't keep up at the moment I am bookmarking blogtricks for later - today, and hope I can do something useful

trick link
from Meg who seems to be as busy as anything..

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No! not again...
just have to say something about these ms reports is OK if your not engauged in small scenceless configerations and most of your time is co-ordinated to encapsulate your sights at perfection, but that all I'll say for now...

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What Wireless Means

Wireless service is driving a worldwide culture of connectivity. Anytime, anywhere communication has the power to bring individuals closer together, make businesses more productive, and extend family bonds beyond the home. With this power comes the need for tools that ensure efficient and responsible wireless use

Sam Gentile points to this overview..via Julie Lerman

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Rob Murray at The Telegraph London writes businesses want to connect their computers to the internet but are deterred by the disruption and cost of taking up the floor to run new cables to each terminal

networks the learning curve..
dirty little secret

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The Death of E-Mail
from Reflective Reality's comments on neglect, and Gary writes : If you're hoping for some super-duper neo-PIM to or super-filter or super-law to come along to make your life easier, spare yourself the agony and just think ahead: it is NOT a sustainable solution if it is still called "eMail". eMail is thirty years old, and we owe it a great debt of honor, but it has been pushed well beyond its design center and it's time to move on. Incrementally, progressively, but most definitely.... and Ray says..If you're doing a critical process in e-mail now, you won't be doing it there for long

via Reflective Reality on neglect and Gary Robinson who does spam rants notes that Ray Ozzie thinks e-mail is going away..

Gary has noticed : I am moving this blog. I'm leaving all the content that's here in place, but future updates will be at my new URL, http://www.garyrobinson.net.
The problem is that Radio UserLand, which I have been using since I started blogging, doesn't work for me. The first intimation of trouble was when I noticed that sometimes it doesn't properly update the server with changes, due to communication errors, and when that happens it doesn't alert the user that a problem has occurred. (You have to look at the log or check the site). The final straw was backup problems. RUL has a backup feature, but sometimes it doesn't work (the verification step fails for no apparent reason). It seems that a particular blog entry gets corrupted. When that happens, you have to dig into RUL's internal database to figure out what entry was corrupted. After you do, according to advice I received from UserLand, you edit that entry again and all will be fine. The first time I went through that hassle, it was indeed fine. But a few days ago I had the verification problem again, and editing the bad entry did not fix it. So at present, I have no official way to back up further entries to my blog.


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