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Saturday, January 24, 2004

IMAGINE You are a very fat person in your car at Troy Detroit and you have a hunger, there's a Burger King drive-thru so your in the line, and you hear rather clearly over the drive-thru speaker you can't have a whopper - your too fat.
full story thanks boingboing

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Helmut Newton 2001 exhibition icp
salon interview

plus the picture of four nudes not disimilar to the "Adicted To Love" video singer Robert Palmer

excellant source

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Friday, January 23, 2004

Here the Place if you got a graphics tablet and your are resonably literate with drawing tools

free trial

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Hit The Road Jack :
Some very interesting stories about pictures on the road
outlines by BBC

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WOW! Blogger announces a New Feed structure
Work dam it
john gaffney tells the story about those days at ames, back in the 70s. written as a memento of pj zima.

"a tale of two eras" another story of illiac iv by cis news

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The Complete and unexperdated story of harddrive back-up from Julie's new
portal to developments in code and applications..
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Killing Two Birds with One Stone
update: PC World reports that a conference in California will make suggestions to introduce software to improve mobile security "Houdini" a location, location, location based software operates in near real-time setting your own preferences automatically reveals red faces
if lost when switched-on..

When I had my Nokia 7110 stolen in Aug:2002 Orange could have had some sort of way of locating-it..
But all they could do was cancel the account, only after I had payed three months charges..
Gary says this:
"Ever lost your mobile phone and tried to find it by calling it and listening for the ringing to help you locate it only to remember that you switched it to discreet ring / silent mode prior to misplacing it?

Mobile phone manufacturers should add a feature which would enable hapless owners (like me) to remotely switch on the silent phone's ringer to maximum volume by calling the number with an additional suffix code tacked on the end or, probably better than that method, by sending (or asking your network to send) your phone an SMS message like "RINGER MAX" which adjusts your phones ring volume to maximum to help you locate it. And, better still, it would be handy if this feature also selects a particularly shrill and easily identifiable preset ringtone - newer polyphonic ringtones, whilst impressive to show off, can often sound quiet on certain models of phone compared with the old annoying bleepy ringtones.

That kind of feature would be useful".

I don't know if it would work

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Two Computer Sellers in this Country with noises



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