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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Rob Murray at The Telegraph London writes businesses want to connect their computers to the internet but are deterred by the disruption and cost of taking up the floor to run new cables to each terminal

networks the learning curve..
dirty little secret

posted by Peter Harris  # 8:51 am
The Death of E-Mail
from Reflective Reality's comments on neglect, and Gary writes : If you're hoping for some super-duper neo-PIM to or super-filter or super-law to come along to make your life easier, spare yourself the agony and just think ahead: it is NOT a sustainable solution if it is still called "eMail". eMail is thirty years old, and we owe it a great debt of honor, but it has been pushed well beyond its design center and it's time to move on. Incrementally, progressively, but most definitely.... and Ray says..If you're doing a critical process in e-mail now, you won't be doing it there for long

via Reflective Reality on neglect and Gary Robinson who does spam rants notes that Ray Ozzie thinks e-mail is going away..

Gary has noticed : I am moving this blog. I'm leaving all the content that's here in place, but future updates will be at my new URL, http://www.garyrobinson.net.
The problem is that Radio UserLand, which I have been using since I started blogging, doesn't work for me. The first intimation of trouble was when I noticed that sometimes it doesn't properly update the server with changes, due to communication errors, and when that happens it doesn't alert the user that a problem has occurred. (You have to look at the log or check the site). The final straw was backup problems. RUL has a backup feature, but sometimes it doesn't work (the verification step fails for no apparent reason). It seems that a particular blog entry gets corrupted. When that happens, you have to dig into RUL's internal database to figure out what entry was corrupted. After you do, according to advice I received from UserLand, you edit that entry again and all will be fine. The first time I went through that hassle, it was indeed fine. But a few days ago I had the verification problem again, and editing the bad entry did not fix it. So at present, I have no official way to back up further entries to my blog.


posted by Peter Harris  # 8:27 am

Saturday, March 20, 2004

This is something to get the pulse racing Electrovaya Scribbler SC2010 Windows XP Tablet Edition Notebook by Lisa Gade of PDA buyers guide review.
12" screen eight hour battery life, removeable keyboard and touchpad for either Left (me) or right hand users... via Joel Johnson at gizmodo

posted by Peter Harris  # 1:38 pm

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Julie at least is having some fun
posted by Peter Harris  # 11:50 pm

Monday, March 15, 2004

BBC World Click on-line have a one or two items of interest ..
A small item on the in-car tech about where to put the hard drive..
nothing new there then, what about a little flash enabled navigation page where you can put your favorite links from onesite.info and another mail2web idea 'pick up your email'..

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